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>> new ad aimed at mcdonald's. shocking image and stern warning our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save
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including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm good evening. this has been an emotional night for a lot of people. the first memorial was held this evening for tw of the victims of the san bruno explosion and fire. jacqueline and 13-year-old daughter vanessa remembered tonight at the church in san francisco. >> there were so many people here they couldn't all fit inside the church and friends family members say they loved them a lot. could land of picture concrete greeted more thanker showing the vibrant lives of the 2 victims, jackie
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and 13-year-old daughter vanessa a.inside the service friends and family members watched a video of the girl. >> sometimes it seems like everything is going wrong. there are times when it plummet and others when it soar. >>reporter: this is of her giving a reflection on the faith at her confirmation ceremony in may. her words so profound they inspired the priest who will be giving the homily at her funeral tomorrow. >> i looked at it about three times. she spoke to me. i want to use her words. >>reporter: jackie and the girl died a week ago in the san bruno explosion and fire that killed at least 4 people. >> i want people to know that they matter. that this should never have happened. that we didn't deserve, they were just home making dinner. doing homework. >>reporter: she was eighth grader at the catholic school in san francisco. she was president of the student council. dancer. honor student. her classmates are determined to keep her memory
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alive. >> she's part of the class 2011 and she's a big part of it and we are not going to forget that. we are keeping her picture up. writ now her desk is still here with things in it. >>reporter: loved ones say the sudden death of jackie and vanessa made them realize the importance of cherishing every day. lesson it seems that she had already learned. >> even if we have a busy schedule we should take time to enjoy and appreciate all of god's gifts. >>reporter: impressive little girl. the few rallies are scheduled for tomorrow and the church has cancelled classes so the students can attend. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. okay that will be a tough day for the kids too. thanks very much gentleman services for another san bruno victim 20-year-old jessica moralez this weekend. the funeral mass is scheduled for tomorrow evening and her memorial service will be saturday night. we do not yet have any information about services for 81-year-old elizabeth torrez
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the fourth confirmed san bruno victim. late this afternoon the san mateo county coroner office collected bone fragments from the home of 3 people who are still missing. it could take days to identify the remains. but the family of 50-year-old greg and 16-year-old william andia-year-old levon are treating this with finality. family released a statement anunsing the death of their loved ones. some positive news. >> one of the people injured in the explosion and fair was released from the hospital today. keep in maind 7 others are still hospitalized. him with very serious injuries. pg&e has still not complied with an order to reduce pressure in the san bruno gas line that rupture. on monday the p uc ordered pg&e to cut the pressure by 20 percent. however media partner at the mercury news found that so far there has only been a reduction of 10%. pg&e spokesman said the utility needs more clarity on this issue. mercury news also
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uncovered evidence of 15 incidents of over pressuring in pg&e natural gas line between though twouz 8 and 2009. mean time the utility says that to date it now completed safety inspection on about 750 miles of its natural gas transmission line. but that has taken 5 years to accomplish. remaining 250 miles is expected to be completed by 2012. mean time utility is refusing to disclose where those lines are precisely. pipeline locations are so secret in fact not even san francisco fire chief can get the maps. >> we had a very productive meeting with pg&e yesterday to again discussion of age, locat age, location, the maintenance schedule of the gas transmission and distribution lines into san francisco. >>reporter: now none of that provides much reassurance to bay area resident who one week ago hardly gave a second thought to the pressure of natural gas transmission lines. certainly not any
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more. tonight wayne is here with some of the very real psychological ramifications of the disaster. >> to a degree we are told this is a natural reaction after september 11 americans hacked at air plane with suspicion and they felt that way after bridges about bridges after this but in the case of san bruno and natural gas transmission lines the unknown locations appear to be making matters worse. across the renal this past week there has been the perceived accident of something in the air. it has not been fog. >> everywhere you go, you know know, you don't know what could happen. >>reporter: only what did happen one week ago in san bruno. natural gas. ruptured pipeline. explosion. fire. and in a crisscross by other high pressure gas lines. natural fear. >> sometimes is fine line between paranoia and caution. >>reporter: dr. shown felt of sausolito knows a lot about
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the subject. he's a psychiatrist. >> in san bruno people were at home living their normal lives and suddenly there was this catastrophe. and there's recognition that that could occur in any neighborhood l. >>reporter: hence the heighten awareness of places like portola elementary this morning. 2 mother thought they smelled gas. moments later 200 students evacuated from what turned out to be a false alarm. >> scary. really scary not to know what is going on and why pg&e won't say where the gas pipes are. >>reporter: it ace company secret apparently. pg&e will not give a map of the natural gas transmission lines to anyone including the governor, state emergency management officials or local fire chiefs. >> the transmission lines are for security reasons we don't release those maps. >>reporter: so maybe it noise wonder that some people are paranoid. no information means inform reassurance and no reassurance means more people smelling gas that may or may not exist.
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>> we are not used to you know the grounde erupting in flames. unexpectedly. >>reporter: the odds are that the ground will not erupt in flames hopefully any time soon. but as the doctor noted, imagination can become fairly potent after disaster lake this he recommends using those imaginations in a positive way to affect change. >> okay wayne thanks very much. >> wayne reporting. another gas leak reported today was real. cable contractor hit a gas lane near lake merit in oakland about 1:00 o'clock today. police shut down red to the area and evacuated bank bank, apartment buildings and several other businesses until 4:45 when the lip was finally fixed. pg&e says it was a routine repair. on other matters now. few minutes tonight it looks like, like, looked like a state budget deal was imminent. we were close apparently. so-called big 5 met in the governor's office for 3 hours to work on the long overdue
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spending plan. at the he said of the meeting democratic leaders came without a glimmer of hope. >> we are hopeful that we can wrap this up tomorrow. we will see. there are still some outstanding issues and some more work to do. >>reporter: and then came the governor's press secretary who said there had been no significant progress. >> we had the 19 billion dollar deficit. we believe that the level of cuts needs to come up from the democratic so that's what we are working on right now. >>reporter: the talk resume tomorrow morning at 11:30. friday will mark a record 79th day state has gone without a bump it. never been that late before. dozens of people gather tonight at the site of the deadly crash in san jose. mourner lit candle and remember the 2 men who died. chp says the car they were in sped off from a chp traffic stop and then crashed on east st. james street 9 blocks away. 2 passengers in the back were killed. 19-year-old
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driver faces charges including vehicular manslaughter and felony dui. several dozen san jose resident who claim they have been the victim of racial profiling by police gather today at our lady of guadalupe catholic church and according to community group city wide survey they could have been joined by hundreds more. 35 percent of the 2000 people polled say they have been the victim of racial profiling including priest who was stopped for minor traffic violation. he wasn't wearing his frock but he says essenceed it was profiling. >> i think it was because, i m mean, i feel in my about look in the or and i say you look like a gang member and you are la teen oyshtion police chief davis defends the department effort to stop racial profiling. >> all the policy and procedures we put into place are geared so that it doesn't happen. so what we are really seeing here what i read a lot in the survey is the perception again versus
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reality. not suggesting that it can't happen. but the question is how do we measure that. >>reporter: chief davis is expected to leave his i don't know at the end of next month and everyone at that meeting says they hope the city will hire someone with a track record of hand licensing racial profiling. >> more to bring you here this evening. it's a jarring ad to be sure. it puts mcdonald's in the morgue next who is behind this 30 second video that has already gone viral? >> also ahead. what unexpectedly turned up in the bay today after cargo ship arrived. >> and stormy weather in new york city. question is was it a tornado. all that come up for you later on "nightline". >> come up next on "nightline". man shoots a surgeon then kills his mother and himself. we have the latest from that disturbing scene at johns hopkins hospital. >> whale shark. we go under water for a close encounter water for a close encounter
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wouldn't it be nice if every time meg whitman told a lie her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 72. >> we show you some of the new ad quickly done viral on the internet. links mcdonald's to heart attack and death. and
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uses image not words. it is certainly provocative but will it change eating behavior? here's david. >> it is an ad that con have is a message. clutching an half eaten bigger. message from the non-profit physician committee for responsible medicine. >> mcdonald's menu is fat and cholesterol and full of sodium and those kind of food choices increase the risk of heart disease and stroke and other health problems. >>reporter: at theen the golden arch appear making it mostly clear who is being criticized. mcdonald's issued this reaction. this commercial is outrageous. misleading. unfir to all consumer. mcdonald's trust our customers to put such prp began today in perspective and make food lifestyle choices right for them. we showed add to consumer and they have mixed rack. this image convey a lot. >> i didn't think so really. i have seen things on the internet more convincing with
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more facts that would sway me more than that would. >>reporter: the ad will air soon in other cities. it was made at cost of 20,000 dollars. also getting thousands of hits on you tube. l tl kit is a consumer psychologist at golden gate university. we talked to her by 69. >> average consumer today learns if with image and visual and that's what this spot is all about. >>reporter: beauford bar disagrees. he teaches advertising and communication at santa clara university. >> i think the people are going to go ahead and enjoy mcdonald's as they always have because they haven't made a real case yet. it's totally emotional one. shock value and i don't think it is going to be very effective. >>reporter: whale the ad end with a suggestion to eat vegetarian they say they would be very happy if americans would eat fewer fast fad meals. in san jose, the abc 7 news. raccoon are on the prowl in alameda p.bite. scratches.
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and surprising level of aggression in at least half dozen attack. one vector control officer with 20-year experience says he's never seen it this bad before. here's the map where attack have taken place in jump. most when people are out walking their dog. experts say bird feederer, outside pet foet food bowl and pet fad cans are drawing the raccoon. you are advised to take a water hose and spray the animal if available. walking your pet you are advised to carry a walking stick. probably in the a bad god matter where you live. >> coast guard is trying to figure out how a 25 foot whale got impaled today on the bow of cargo ship off the golden gate. northern have i at that time ended up carrying the carcass to the port of oakland. coast guard also says the whale had been bitten by sharks and already may have been dead when it was hit. whale dna being examined to determine what species it was. fast moving storm that may have been a tornado ripped through parts of new york city
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late today. the woman was killed when a tree fell on her suv in queens. nearly 30,000 people in that area. areas were blacken without power this evening. brunt of the storm spared manhattan. national weather service analyzing data to determine if it was in fact a twister. certainly very, very powerful winds there in new york city. >> bring it back here and talk about our forecast. wean has arrived. heat is here. the question is for how long. >> not very long dan. we go with cooler conditions the next couple of days and by sunday you will need the umbrella. for the time being let's enjoy this. want to show you a sunset that is like no other. take a look at the view from our high definition mount tamalpiais camera. incredible or what, so you know down at 7:16. very visible there. the fog. you stepped outside tonight you know that the fog has been right down on the deck in some spots early this evening. here's satellite picture from tonight and you can see that
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we have certainly far more coverage across the bay area than we did last tonight at this time.i'll show you some observation current readings hayward temperature of 63 degrees. feels a little humid to you take a look at the dew point. it the is 60. pretty high up there. visibility did you know to 6 miles. definitely have fog humidity up at 90 percent. half moon bay rate now visibility point 2 mile and temperature and dew point exactly the same which brings relative humidity to 100 percent and that means missed -- mist and drizzle tonight and heading into tomorrow morning. the numbers right now across the rest of the bay area pretty mild 50's and 60's. antioch 74 degrees. coastal drizzle tomorrow morning. mild afternoon for your friday and saturday of then rain moves in on sunday so get ready to pull out all the rain gear. you are going to need it on sunday. light rain is coming. here's the system we are watching. has system we are watching. has pretty good moisture but it is very slow moving system. it gets here over the
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weekend. show you the timing of this. tomorrow morning once again damp pavement. we deal with the included tomorrow morning. wide spread across the bay area. and then for your saturday maybe a little bit of morning drizzle. saturday afternoon. mild and sunny inland. we head into sunday here comes the rain by 3:00 o'clock in the morning the north bay begins to see rain. very light. then the front starts to fall apart by around 10:00 o'clock sunday morning. so the rain starts to break up at bit but you can see it is getting all the way south to san jose. santa cruz. east towards livermore so we are definitely looking at sunday being the wet day. saturday dry for now. late saturday tonight things will change. >> temperature tonight really mild. low 50's to low 60's of and tomorrow afternoon a little cooler. start to notice increasing cloud could have. 78 in san jose. 76 in sunnyvale. stronger on shore flow tomorrow. 76 on the redwood city and menlo park and 60's at our beaches. downtown san francisco nice
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day. 67 degrees if you don't mind a few cloud. north day upper 70's for nap a-santa rosa, east bay 70 in oakland. you head inland of temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's. 80 for concord and livermore and monterey bay a lot of fog in the afternoon. monterey 68 degrees. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. drid el start to the morning commute. dry afternoon inland then we look at mild conditions really right through saturday. by saturday late night into sunday is when we bring in the rain. cooler conditions for your sunday. beyond that heading to wednesday. first night of fall. 809 the and leaking at warmer conditions into space. >> come up next. new dating web site that will advantage topical solution treats dogs... ( barking )
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but destroys fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
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>> check which out. recent college graduate in canada came up with new dating web site. just for people who consider themselves unattractive. it's called ugly and pretty people need not apply.
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>> we have a system where members can vote other members out too attractive. >>reporter: founder joe says the site is simply a relationship building tool for people who might feel out of place elsewhere. >> the ugly. i'm sorry. >> take note. >> larry up nechblingt. >> the date was may 6. last day the giants occupied first place. that is until tonight.
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>> good evening. 15 games left guess who moved into first police. giants struggle past 2 nights against the dodgers hauled out the heavy lumber in the series finale and sitting top the nl west tonight. pumped up for another night of domesticer
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baseball everybody. poor tom. wrong time. in the third. huff 2 men on crushed off lily. 3 run jack. number 25 for huff and start of barrage next batter. there it goes. buster out in a flash. his 14 and giants in the fifth. jose facing jeff weaver now. hung a curve ball, gone. made it 8-2 and sanchez feeling struck out career best 12 and ray johnson both get nothing and like it. sanchez 7 and 1 earned run. they crush la 10-2 and half lead on san diego in the west because of what happened in this game. former athletic helping out the giant tonight. first let's hear from the giant. >> yes pretty cool. pretty cool. that goes without saying. feels good. we have
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another game to go but we have to keep playing like we are going to finish first. >> now the game that helped the giants out. holiday rbi single in the first against san diego turns out this was the only run st. louis needed. 2 nothing in the sixth. bloop single to right scoring with cardinals shut out the padres 4 zip. giants in first. niner look like disorganized mess trying to call plays sunday in seattle. coach is furious now that somebody in the organization or disorganization if you want to call it that leaked details to the media. they ran a story with the struggle and also friction between coaches on the staff and complaining about ray single tear reaction there's a at any rater among us. >> if there's something you have to say go say it. say that you said it but don't say a beautiful of stuff and
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that's a were. that's a wrav and rat. >> it will show in time but i'm not going to try to find a little show. >>reporter: of raiders play the first home game sunday night against the ram. not sold out. game blacked out locally. unless they start wining in a hurry. all silver and black home runs guest leak for football highlights. up load video to us at you 7 pick best highlights and show it saturday night open our after the game college football show. >> great thing to do nice to show high school plays. >> great play. haunts half game out. 4 time in 4 and half months coming down the stretch. thanks very much lorri ri. "nightline"ument next. begins tomorrow morning at 4:30. thanks for watching we appreciate your time and we appreciate your time and hope we see you checking account.
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